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Old-fashioned me

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1. I believe in love at first sight; it happened to me. Okay, maybe not first sight since I am not that shallow, but at first conversation. I knew then,  but he did not for many months. Somehow I managed to keep it to myself until he had seen the light! We’ve been married 45 years, and are each others’ biggest fans. 2. I use cotton handkerchiefs and so does my husband. I even iron […]

Who is my audience?

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For the past several months, I have been taking an online writing course called “Find Your Writing Voice”. I take one night a week off from everything else to work on it, and it’s been enlightening. One of the first assignments was to write a poem exploring the influences of one’s childhood. Mine is published here. The present task is to find out a few things from the people who read my writing. If that is you, I […]

Why I write

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                                                                                                                            Sunset at Land’s End, San Francisco Because now I know that I’ve been […]

A poem about childhood

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  I have been taking a writing class online, which I have really enjoyed so far.  The first assignment was to brainstorm images and memories from early years, including visual, sensory, verbal, even musical memories. After including traditions, and important people, we were to write a prose style poem capturing the most important things that surfaced.   Here is mine, an exercise in self-discovery. I am from I am from deep woods, clear streams, camping under the […]