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Lessons from Handbells

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Lessons from listening to a handbell choir Everyone has their own bell to play. Each bell sounds different from the others. Not everyone plays the same number of times. Some bells need to be played very softly. Some bells are played loud and often. Sometimes a bell is played with glad abandon, holding the bell up and letting its tone resound. Other times a bell is played very briefly, and then tamped to stop the […]

Franee’s Famous Nut Bread Recipe

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Some asked for the recipe…… it is! Mix in large bowl with a whisk: 8 cups flour (I use mostly whole wheat) 8t baking powder 3 t salt Add: 2 cups sugar 1 box raisins 1 box currants 2 cups chopped nuts I like to mix all of this in by hand to coat all the fruit and nuts with flour. Add: 4 eggs 4 cups milk Stir it all up, pour into four greased […]

Time away with women

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It’s always a good idea. We are nurtured by each other. We find comfort in sleeping in little cabins on hard beds, staying up too late, laughing at most everything, telling our stories, raising our hands in worship to our Father. I am thankful for the gift of the friendship of women, though we are all so different from each other. Part of our discussion has been that as we understand and accept our own […]

Leaving the fast lane

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I got a speeding ticket a few months ago.   It was humiliating and expensive.  And it made me think.  Why am I in such a hurry?  Well, that particular day I was a little late to work, but I realized that hurrying had become a way of life. I’ll do this “real quick”; that’ll just take a minute; hmm, I have five minutes what can I squeeze in? Maybe I don’t need to do everything […]