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Christmas / Cross Cultural / Singapore / Time

My house looks like a big party went down, the blessing of lots of family members willing to come and stay awhile.  But all good things do come to an end, and this is it. And someone gets to put things to rights, and that is mostly me. This morning, the first morning after everyone has left, there is tired Christmas deco, some of it just barely hanging on, fragrant pine needles that seem to […]

Putting it all away

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Christmas / decoration / January / organization / Singapore / Time

Crowding my coveted kitchen counter space are two seasonal candles, a headless nutcracker that needs mending, a doll’s dish full of random game pieces and dice, two cans of snow that we are afraid to reconstitute since a protective covering is mentioned in the instructions, a large stack of unopened mail and two small stocking gifts which did  not find their way upstairs to be packed by my 10-year-old granddaughter. The kids’ play area is covered […]

Christmas was about leaving home, not coming home

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Childbirth / Christmas / Leaving / Singapore

There is so much written in the weeks preceding Christmas about how to keep the “true meaning” of Christmas, how to keep from getting stressed out about to do lists, how to do Christmas right this year. Almost makes me feel a bit guilty about making lists, decorating, and cooking!  I honestly love preparing for my family’s Christmas, and I’m usually pretty good about not killing myself over everything.  Sure, I get stars in my eyes about what I’ll […]