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Thankfulness, that age old cure all

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Today I mixed up my yearly batch of Franee’s Famous Nut Bread. Franee is my beloved mother in law who went to heaven many years ago. I first had it in her kitchen at Christmas time a few months after meeting my husband. The bread is rich with nuts, currants, and raisins, and after we married and moved away she gave me the recipe. Now I love making this bread at this time of year and […]

Koinonia Granola

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My daughter recently made some yummy granola and inspired me to take out my raggedy More with Less cookbook and make some too! I used to make this when we lived in Singapore years back, where you had to make your own or do without. In fact, it was quite a feat there to locate all the ingredients, which made me enjoy it even more. I smiled at the penciled additions of my ambitious 30 […]